AdWords Unchained – My Talk at #OMK13

I had the honor to kick off the search-track at the first edition of the OMK conference in Berne this August. My talk explored new ideas to take AdWords to the next level and unlock its creative potential.

Initially, my plan was to name the talk “New Tricks for an Old Dog”. Now 13 years old, AdWords has definitely grown into a very specialized industry. Just in the US there are at least 25’000 paid search professionals according to their linkedin profiles. But it’s not only the number of people in this industry that has grown: demands on the client side and the complexity of the projects have been steadily increasing. At some point on this path, there’s a clear risk that we focus too much on direct performance goals and blind out a whole world beyond pure purchase intention keywords. What a waste of creative mojo!

This is why I think it’s time to unchain that potential and teach the good old AdWords-dog some new tricks. Will it need separate budget-buckets and will you need to convince clients from time to time? Yes. But you should also always feel free to test-run some crazy ideas under the radar and amaze your peers and clients out of the blue with cool stuff you believed in and worked on.

AdWords is an adventure, not just numbers and direct ROI. It rocks.

Feel free to go through my slides and leave your comment if you agree or disagree. Here are some of the examples I talked about:

  • The amazing Snickers-Typo-Campaign by AMV BBDO
  • Obama capitalizing on Romney’s “binders full of women”
  • Real-time marketing for upc cablecom with bad referees
  • Pizza and the need for targeting
  • Understanding your audience’s language
  • The need to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative

Thanks Olivier for organizing this great event and looking forward to 2014!

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