Hi, I’m Tobias Zehnder

I spend my days as Partner at the Webrepublic, a fast-growing Zurich-based digital agency I co-founded in 2009. Online since the early days of Geocities, AltaVista and Netscape, I’m happy to have turned a passion into my profession.

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I graduated from the University of Zurich with a thesis about the Swiss online marketing landscape and how the collaboration between advertisers and agencies needs to be improved. And even before, the web has always been the natural home for my entrepreneurial and private activities: from building websites for local business in the late 1990s while at college, blogging in the early 2000s to an internship with Google in 2007 that deepened my passion for search marketing. In 2009 I’ve co-founded the Webrepublic agency together with Tom Hanan.

I often share my digital marketing & advertising experience and have been honoured to give talks and lectures at some of Europe’s most innovative schools and events:

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Work hard and be nice to people
I’m driven by the motivation to provide an outstanding quality of service for our clients and to make the Webrepublic the best place to work.



About This Blog
This blog is about innovation, digital strategies, online marketing, the web and its impact on society. Views are my own and updates not all too frequent, but I use this website as a platform to reference to stuff I do and publish also elsewhere.

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Short Bio (German)

Tobias Zehnder ist Co-Founder und Partner der Zürcher Digital Agentur Webrepublic. Er ist Mitglied des Fachbeirates des Centers for Communications der HWZ sowie Dozent am CAS Digital Leadership der HWZ. Zehnder studierte Publizistikwissenschaft sowie Wirtschaftsgeschichte und Linguistik an der Universität Zürich. Er arbeitete bei Google und Optimedia, bevor er 2009 zusammen mit Tom Hanan die Agentur Webrepublic gründete. Zusätzlich ist Tobias Zehnder auch als Dozent an der HSLU und Referent an verschiedenen Fachveranstaltungen tätig.

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